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Procrastination Awareness Week (PAW)

March 6-10th is National Procrastination Week!

  • A week long event of free virtual workshops, study halls, and social opportunities!
  • Learn strategies related to focus and concentration, motivation, time management, writing, studying, and exam preparation!
  • Meet students from all across Canada! Over 20 universities and colleges are participating.


With generous support from the Learning Specialists Association of Canada (LSAC), staff from Writing Centres, Libraries, Accessible Learning Centres, and Learning Commons across Canada are working together to offer a week of workshops and connection to support students and increase our shared awareness and understanding of procrastination. Programming runs from Monday March 6th to Friday March 10th, 9am-2pm Pacific (12-5pm Eastern) each day. Check what that is in your time zone here.

Procrastination Awareness Week brings together some of the most popular and effective workshops from academic institutions across Canada. In addition to both live and pre-recorded workshops, PAW includes a virtual study hall, resource library, and opportunities to socialize with students from across all participating institutions.


Mar 06 2023


Programming runs 12pm - 5pm each day
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


This is a free online event. @ Will be held virtually via Zoom (registration required)


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