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LA&PS #YUSpirit | Therapy Dogs, Movie Night, Yoga, DIY Stress Balls, Lego, Boardgames and more! | At Founders Assembly Hall

Show your #YUSpirit by joining the LA&PS community for a series of fun, stress-busting social activities.
Enjoy painting, therapy dogs and more as you take a welcome break from studying.

Barbie Movie Registration Here:


Hourly Schedule

York Spirit Day at LA&PS Schedule

From 11:00am - To 12:00pm
Yoga Session
Join us for our first of many #YUSpirit activities – show us your best downward dog in an invigorating yoga session designed to help students relax and unplug for the day! Yoga mats will be provided but are limited - so bring your own if you can and don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes!
From 12:10pm - To 2:10pm
Art Therapy Corner
Students are invited to freely express their #YUSpirit and embrace the therapeutic power of art. Come by our LA&PS Art Therapy Corner and show us your creative potential!
From 12:10pm - To 2:10pm
Hot Chocolate
Celebrate the arrival of the fall season in style! Enjoy hot chocolate adorned with delightful pumpkin spiced toppings as you enjoy any one of our #YUSpirit activities.
From 2:30pm - To 3:30pm
Therapy Dogs
Take a break from studying to interact with certified therapy dogs thanks to a collaboration with the Sunshine Therapy Dogs Program.
From 11:00am - To 4:00pm
DIY Stress Ball and Crafts Workshop
Indulge in our DIY stress ball making activity. We'll supply all the necessary materials - just bring your friends and #YUSpirit.
From 11:00am - To 4:00pm
Activity Station
Connect with other LA&PS students over board games and more social activities.
From 11:00am - To 4:00pm
Student Support Corner
The Student Support Corner is gateway for students to discover the wealth of resources available within LA&PS.
From 11:00am - To 4:00pm
LA&PS #YUSpirit Instagram Photo Booth
Capture your #YUSpirit and more memorable moments at the LA&PS photobooth.
From 11:00am - To 4:00pm
Social Media Challenge
Unleash your social media prowess with our exciting LA&PS social media challenge! Follow our LA&PS social media accounts, capture and share your #YUSpirit event experiences and post. Participating students will get a chance to win fantastic giveaways and raffle prizes, including LA&PS swag.
From 5:30pm - To 8:30pm
Barbie - LA&PS Movie Night
To wrap up our event, LA&PS Students are invited to join us for Barbie movie night at the Fred Thury Studio Theatre!


Oct 04 2023


11:00 am - 8:30 pm


152 Founders Assembly Hall

Location 2

258 Vanier College

Location 3

Founders College

Location 4

Fred Thury Studio Theatre


LA&PS Dean's Office
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