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Year of the Arts 2022-2023: Scenes by Design

Scenes-by-Design is the York University Theatre Department’s annual exhibition showcasing the work of the Design and Production area.

Scenes-by-Design offers an insider’s look at the creative work done behind the scenes in class as well as our students personal projects they have been working on. The exhibition features original set designs and maquettes, costumes, props, renderings, drawings and lighting and sound design by students in the production/design area.

Please enjoy travelling through the different areas of our production and design stream and witnessing the hard work of all our students.

The AMPDlified Sound Art Installation was curated by Assistant Professor Rebecca Caines
The exhibit also features the Set, Costume, Lighting, and Sound Designs of Theatre@York’s 2022 production of Love in the Time of Werewolves and 2023’s production of Dance Nation.
Scenes by Design 2023: Wednesday, March 29th to Saturday, April 1st.

Curators:  Clark Pigeau and Hannah Rocca
Production Manager | Technical Director: Kate Counsel
Head Electrician: Yuqi Ding
Faculty Advisors: Teresa Przybylski and Gavin McDonald

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Mar 29 2023 - Apr 01 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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