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Writing Feedback Workshop: Writing on Cities, Culture and Urban Spaces

The Emerging Asian Urbanisms at YCAR is hosting a writing and feedback workshop of particular interest to multi-disciplinary graduate students.
The workshop will focus on exchanging pieces of writing internally and offering peer feedback.
Writing can be a very isolating experience. By participating in the workshop, we hope to make available interaction, discussion, thinking concepts through people, positive and constructive feedback, and also the synergy that small group discussion can offer.
It is not necessary for your work to be focused on a Global South city, or an Asian city. Works that make thematic links to the concepts and urban theories being explored in the series are welcomed. For example, thematic concepts can explore culture in cities, cityness, hybridity, worlding, informality, ordinary cities, to name a few. Writing pieces can be diverse: Course papers, publication drafts for journals, chapter from your thesis/dissertation, book reviews, blog pieces, discussion/reflection papers. Drafts and incomplete works are welcome.
The workshop will be useful for researchers in Anthropology, Geography, Urban Planning, Environmental Studies, Politics, Social Science, Social and Political Thought, Development Studies, Sociology and other programmes who are involved in some aspects of cities, urban spaces, and the representation of culture.
This event is organized by the Emerging Asian Urbanisms team at YCAR.
Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP with any food sensitivities/allergies by 31 January 2019:
ABOUT: The Emerging Asian Urbanisms series at the York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR) explores the diverse processes and practices of urbanism and urbanization in Asia. It draws upon calls made by Ananya Roy and Jennifer Robinson, among others, to investigate “new geographies of theory” as fertile sources of uncovering new ways of understanding urbanism everywhere. In Fall 2018, we started a reading group. In the Winter 2019 term, the series will host guest speaker events, graduate writing workshops, and more reading discussion sessions. For questions, please email Amardeep Kaur (Doctoral Candidate in Geography).


Feb 08 2019


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Room 857, Eighth Floor, Kaneff Tower, Keele Campus @ York University
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