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Women and Visual Culture in Iran

Presented by Professor M. Reza Moridi and Khatereh Sheibani.

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 27

Time: 11 a.m. to noon

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

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Iranian women artists have played an important role in challenging stereotypes in masculine visual culture. To understand the changes in the visual culture in Iran, this event examines several key questions:

  • How have women been depicted in cinema and visual arts?
  • How have women artists challenged these representations?
  • How do women’s artistic experiences act as a field of resistance against the masculine subjectivity?
  • How are these artworks, in Foucault’s words, a war against the subjectification of women?

Women artists attempt to deconstruct the visual ideology that men have constructed about women. They resist subjectification of the woman, use new visual strategies and create gaps in the reproduction of masculine dominant culture. These visual strategies act not only as works of art in the art world but also as social action in the public space.