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What We Dont Know About Canadian Jewish Life

Jewish Canadians, their families, institutions, and communities are changing. The world’s fourth largest Jewish population is in dynamic flux. Yet Jewish Canada is glaringly understudied. What We Don’t Know About Canadian Jewish Life considers the state of both academic and applied social research on contemporary Jewish life in Canada. What don’t we know about religious observance habits or changing attitudes toward ideological and political issues? What don’t we know about coast-to-coast-to-coast social and demographic detail or issues of aging, housing, marriage or leisure? What are the known-unknowns and what unknown-unknowns might we uncover for the benefit of deeper understanding and useful knowledge?

Panelists include leading researchers of Canadian Jewry – Robert Brym (University of Toronto), Daniel Held (UJA Federation of Greater Toronto), Randal Schnoor (York University), and Morton Weinfeld (McGill University). The roundtable will be moderated by David S. Koffman (York University) and introduced by fellow social researcher of Canada’s Jews, York University President Rhonda Lenton.





May 17 2023


8:00 pm


Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies
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