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Webinar on resilience in policy and programs

Talk of resilience in urban and social policies has been criticized on the grounds that it often blames the vulnerable and marginalized for their problems. Learn about recent research examining how the concept of resilience is used in immigration policy and programs delivered by federal, provincial and municipal governments. Drawing on interviews and detailed analysis of policy documents, researchers evaluate policy-makers’ views of resilience and policies’ impacts on it. Research by D. Palmerin Velasco, C. Scoles, V. Leung, M. Ekra, PK Chan, V. Mesana, R. Bhuyan, M. Walton-Roberts, L. Veronis, G. Kerr and F. Schlosser will be discussed.


Jun 16 2021


12:15 pm - 1:30 pm


BMRC-IRMU @ 4700 Keele
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