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Webinar on resilience and refuge

People who are admitted as refugees have already demonstrated tremendous resilience during their journeys to Canada. Speakers will examine how community organizations and municipal governments can promote migrant resilience during resettlement and integration in Canadian cities. Research by F. Dupont, F. Gaborean, J. Kombo Yetilo, J. Lauzon Boucher, O. Malouf, S.Shoubaky, N. Ives, D. Rose, A.Dauphin, J. Hanley, J. Cleveland, F. Dejean, E. Jean-Baptiste, M. Paquet, J. Shields, M. Joy, I. Atak and G. Hudson will be presented..


Jun 23 2021


12:15 pm - 1:30 pm


BMRC-IRMU @ 4700 Keele
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