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Co-sensing with Radical Tenderness: Composting Tools Workshop with Vanessa Andreotti

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Inspired by radical new poetic methods of digital and intermedial storytelling, transgressive visual techniques emerging from new media platforms, and new activisms engaging with theories of homonationalism, pinkwashing and a global queer (un)commons, the QSI offers students immersion in the debates, voices, ideas and images of the current queer/trans digital moment. The Institute features two, interconnected graduate courses: THST 6350: Performing the Queer (Un)commons, taught by Mary Bunch and FILM 5020: Global Queer Cinemas Confront the Pink Line, taught by John Greyson.

Co-presented by the Queer Summer Institute in Research Creation and Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology. Thank you to our partners and sponsors: SSHRC, The Hemispheric Encounters Partnership Grant, VISTA, Peripheral Visions Co-Lab, AMPD’s Office of the Associate Dean of Research, TIFF, Pleasuredome, the ArQuives, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and Experience York. Banner photo by Katie Rainbow on

Members of the public are invited to join the group for several open events.

Co-sensing with Radical Tenderness: Composting Tools Workshop
with Vanessa Andreotti
THURSDAY May 5, 2022
11:00 AM – 1:30PM
ATK 102F (Atkinson Building, York University)

Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures is an arts/research collective that works at the interface of two sets of questions: questions related to historical, systemic and ongoing violence and questions related to the unsustainability of our current (exploitative, expropriative and extractive) modern-colonial habits of being. Drawing on (non-Western) psychoanalytical insights we collaborate on intellectual, affective, relational, land-based, artistic and embodied experiments that invite us to sit with what is good, bad, broken and messed up of humanity within and around us. We prioritize the creation of spaces, processes, practices, maps and methodologies that can support the development of our collective capacity to dis-invest from modern-colonial entitlements and conditioned desires and to build stamina to hold space for difficult and painful  things without feeling overwhelmed, immobilized or demanding quick fixes or to be rescued from discomfort. In this workshop we will experiment with a set of embodied exercises based on the text “co-sensing with radical tenderness“co-created by Dani d’Emilia, Vanessa Andreotti, Sarah Amsler and Azul (Carolina Duque).

Vanessa Machado de Oliveira Andreotti (she/her) is a Latinx professor at the University of British Columbia. She holds a Canada Research Chair in Race, Inequalities, and Global Change. She began her career as a teacher in Brazil in 1994 and has since led educational and research programs in countries including the UK, Finland, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Brazil, and Canada. Professor Andreotti works across sectors in international and comparative education, particularly focusing on global justice and citizenship, Indigenous and community engagement, sustainability, and social and ecological responsibility. Her research examines relationships between historical, systemic, and on-going forms of violence, and the inherent unsustainability of modernity. Andreotti is one of the founding members of the Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures artist/research collective ( and Teia das 5 Curas, an international network of Indigenous communities mostly in Canada and Latin America. She currently collaborates with with these groups to direct research projects and learning initiatives related to global healing and wellbeing in times of unprecedented challenges. Professor Andreotti is the author of the book, Hospicing Modernity: Facing Humanity’s Wrongs and the Implications for Social Activism (2021). 





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May 05 2022


11:00 am - 1:30 pm


102 ATK (Atkinson Building) @ York University, Keele Campus
96 The Pond Rd, North York, ON M3J 2S5
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