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The Radio Plays

Sit back and tune in as VCP goes live with THE RADIO PLAYS, featuring 3 short plays and original commercials created by the company.
THE EMERALD HEIST By Israel Allen Directed by Stefan Porfirio Stage Managed by Mackenzie Cameron The first class dining car on a passenger train provides a wonderful setting to meet Mrs. Winston, an incredibly generous person. Her latest selfless acts include upgrading the coach tickets of a hungry young couple who has sneaked into the dining car and allowing a small museum to exhibit her famed Rockefeller Emerald ring. In fact, she’s on the train to personally deliver the emerald to the museum. But when a thief attempts to steal the emerald only to announce that it’s already missing, the situation quickly goes offtrack! Even worse, it seems the guards have been killed by a person or persons unknown.
A MYSTERY MURDERED By Karl Garner Directed by Nug Nahrgang Stage Managed by Shazde Mir This play-within-a-play opens with the butler, holding a gun, standing over the body of Steve Walters. The butler, John, assures us that things are not what they seem and that this is not a simple case of “the butler did it.” John introduces us to the other suspects: Steve’s business partner, his ex-fiancée, his current fiancée, and her friend. But that’s when the play falls apart, for the actors are as jealous, petty, and conceited as the characters they play.
THE MUMMY UNRAVELS By Gary Peterson Directed by Gloria Mampuya Stage Managed by Odile Kemgang A motley band of explorers pry their way into the tomb of the Great Pharaoh Snafu — despite the dire warnings of doom posted at the secret door. Fears of curses are quickly cast aside when they discover riches beyond their wildest dreams! But before they can gather the loot and vamoose, they are confronted by the scornful temple guardian. The lonely crypt keeper actually enjoys their surprise visit and decides to grant them an interview with the mummified pharaoh himself. The Great Pharaoh Snafu answers many mysteries, but with the rumbling tomb threatening to cave in, the explorers must quickly find a way out!