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The pandemic and gender violence in Mexico:Thinking through the connections between the new and old types of violence

The pandemic and gender violence in Mexico:
Thinking through the connections between the new and old types of violence
May 14 at 2:00PM Toronto / 1:00PM Mexico City
Coordination: Dolores Figueroa Romero

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The health crisis has gone hand in hand with other crises, which together have exacerbated the risk scenarios for women and minors. This panel will discuss problems that were already present, and that in the context of COVID-19, have become more acute. On the one hand, the confinement measures applied to contain the spread of the virus have led to an exacerbation of domestic violence. On the other hand, the loss of formal and informal jobs has made the living conditions of many families more precarious. In addition, criminal violence and the criminalization of poverty continue to be more present than ever, determining the life and death of large sectors of the population in the country.
To consider the lack of awareness of the pandemic’s contribution to increase in and diversification of violence and aggression against women and girls, we invited a select group of young researchers who will share their experiences of fieldwork in order to create a better understanding of the complexity of violence embodied in different scenarios where resistance also emerges, despite a climate of impunity. We are interested in discussing the importance of connections between old and new patterns in gender violence and analyzing the latter from the intersectionality of diverse identities and social processes such as migration, the defense of human rights, and sex work.
Aida Hernández and Natalia De Marinis (editors)
No. 32 Ichán Tecólotl (CIESAS) ‘Gender violence: diverse views, multiple resistances’
Marisol Alcocer (UaGro.)
Racialized infantile feminicide in the Costa Chica of Guerrero
Laura Saavedra (University of San Luis Potosí)
The importance of self-care and violence against women human rights defenders
Vanessa Maldonado (CIESAS)
The walk of trans women in the Central American caravans


May 14 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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