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The Low Down On The High Seas: What We Don’t Know About The Oceans Can Kill

This talk by Wendy Schmidt will address critical ocean issues and provides a framework to view the ocean as part of an interactive living system crucial to life.
Wendy Schmidt brings an optimistic approach to addressing critical ocean issues and provides a framework for viewing the ocean as part of an interactive living system, crucial to life on land. Join us at York University, Keele Campus as Wendy Schmidt describes how her investment in innovative solutions and support for scientific and technological breakthroughs is creating momentum for ocean health leading to the restoration of this vital planetary resource. To understand the ocean is to know with certainty why we need to care about it, no matter where we live.
Wendy Schmidt is President of The Schmidt Family Foundation that supports programs in renewable energy, healthy food and agriculture, and human rights. The foundation supports more than 150 nonprofit organizations around the world using traditional philanthropic grants as well as the tools of impact investing. Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, an additional foundation program, supports the development of new ocean technologies with applications for conservation and research in areas including habitat health, marine plastic pollution, and sustainable fisheries.


Nov 12 2019


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


140 Health Nursing and Environmental Studies @ 4700 Keele Street
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