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Armed Coast Guards overlooking a large raft carrying refugees

The International Refugee Protection Regime: How it Started and How it’s Going

McLaughlin College International Lecture presented by Dr. Jeff Crisp

In this international lecture, Dr. Jeff Crisp will examine the concept of an ‘international refugee protection regime’, trace its origins and evolution, and identify the key challenges and opportunities with which it is currently confronted. The presentation will adopt a global perspective and draw upon examples from many different parts of the world in order to assess the current state of the world’s refugees.

Headshot of Dr. Jeff Crisp

Jeff Crisp

Crisp is a specialist on refugee, asylum, and migration issues. He has held senior positions with UNHCR, where he was Head of Policy Development and Evaluation, as well as Refugees International, the Global Commission on International Migration and the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues. Crisp has first-hand experience of refugee situations throughout the world and has published, lectured and broadcast extensively on refugee-related issues. He has a PhD in African Studies from the University of Birmingham and is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford.

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