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The Harriet Tubman Institute’s BHM 2023 Opening Ceremony Honouring Mr. Winston LaRose

Black History Month is a distinct period for honouring history, negotiating current realities, and imagining potential futures for Black communities. In recent years, the Harriet Tubman Institute has celebrated Black History Month by focusing on the achievements of Black people; looking back to examine their accomplishments as a path to move forward as well as to spotlight Black knowledge about health in its multiple dimensions, highlighting the work of Africans on the continent and of people of African descent across the diasporas, especially here in Canada.

For the upcoming Black History Month 2023, the HTI will focus on Black resistance with the aim of remembering achievements in the face of multiple struggles. Thus, HTI Black History Month 2023 will focus on activities related to the accomplishments of Africans and people of African descent, spotlighting some of our own leaders in our local community here in Toronto.

The Opening Ceremony will honour Mr. Winston LaRose, who is

the Executive Director of the Jane- Finch Concerned Citizens Organization (JFCCO) and has worked in this capacity with the Organization, since January of 1999. He worked as a Registered Nurse in Canada from 1964 until retirement at age 65 in 2002.

Most of his professional work has been as a psychotherapeutic counsellor in the mental health field at the Clarke Institute in Toronto and several other mental health Facilities in Toronto, Burlington and Hamilton. In addition to this, he operated a counselling service called “the Fairview Counselling Services” in Burlington Ontario for approximately five years.

This event will be held over Zoom, click here to register.


Feb 02 2023


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
The Harriet Tubman Institute


The Harriet Tubman Institute

Other Organizers

Resources Centre for Public Sociology - Department of Sociology
African Studies (AFST) Program
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