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The Harriet Tubman Institute’s BHM 2023: Implications of Colonialism for Disease Outbreak Response in Black Communities

Under the theme of Black Resistance, HTI’s Black History Month 2023 will focus on activities related to the accomplishments of Africans and people of African descent, spotlighting some of our own leaders in our local community here in Toronto.

This event will have presenters Dr. Harris Ali and Dr. Yvonne Simpson.

Dr. Yvonne Simpson is a PhD (ABD) graduate from York University in the Faculty of Health Policy Management’s Critical Disability Studies Program. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Calgary with a specialization in Community and Disability Studies. As a graduate student, her research focuses on human rights and social justice in the context of the historiography of transnational forced migration, including the Atlantic Slave Trade, accounting for the colour coded system of acquired disability among enslaved workers to the import of racialized im/migrant workers. The intersectional dimensions of race, workplace injuries and immigration and WSIB policies are discursive lenses in her dissertation project.

Dr. Harris Ali is a sociologist at York University whose research focuses on how the interplay of social, political and environmental factors promote the emergence of disease outbreaks and environmental disasters, as well as how this interplay influences the response to such phenomena. He conducted various studies based on extensive fieldwork on different types of infectious disease outbreaks in various parts of the world, including E. Coli in Walkerton, Ontario, Tuberculosis amongst the homeless in

Toronto, community-based responses to Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His most recent book coauthored with Roger Keil and Creighton Connolly is entitled Pandemic Urbanism (Polity Press) and focuses on the disease ecology and socio- political dimensions of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases under the conditions of contemporary globalization and heightened urban inequality.

This event is virtual. Register here:


Feb 28 2023


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
The Harriet Tubman Institute


The Harriet Tubman Institute

Other Organizers

Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research
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