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The Future is Now – A Dialogue on Climate Hope (Online)

Transitioning into university life can be daunting, often leaving students feeling disconnected from their communities. In response to this challenge, we propose ‘The Future is Now – A Dialogue on Climate Hope’ – an inclusive and collaborative event designed to provide tools, frameworks, and exercises to facilitate an open, inclusive, and safe dialogue among students. Through this event, participants will have the opportunity to share their personal insights on topics related to climate anxiety, sustainability, the role of community in their lives, and strategies for feeling empowered in the face of the climate crisis.

Moreover, we are excited to showcase the impactful projects of two dedicated C4 student groups. One group is crafting a compelling documentary that explores York’s sustainable initiatives and their role in combating the ecological crisis. The other group is addressing the pressing issue of climate anxiety by focusing on sustainable solutions within the housing sector, empowering youth to make tangible changes in their lifestyles and living conditions. From composting to energy-efficient practices, these projects offer practical strategies to mitigate climate change and alleviate climate anxiety.

Our goal is not only to empower students to address climate anxiety but also to inspire action and drive meaningful change. Join us as we highlight these innovative projects and discuss the tools and methods essential for building a sustainable and equitable future. Together, let’s foster communication, connection, and personal empowerment, as we navigate the challenges of the climate crisis with hope and determination.


Apr 23 2024


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Live on Zoom @ Online event via Zoom


Office of Sustainability
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