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The Art and Politics in Imagining a Free Gaza: A Discussion of Justin Podur’s New Novel, Siegebreakers

In Professor Justin Podur’s new thriller novel, Siegebreakers, a group of heroes from Palestine, Israel, and the US team up to try to break the siege On Gaza. As a political work of fiction, the book is a chance to thinnk about whether art can challenge the way we think or feel about a political status quo.FES has gathered an interdisciplinary panel to talk about this intersection of art and politics, fact and fiction, peace and conflict.
Panelists will include:
Honor Ford-Smith is a poet, theatre worker and Associate Professor.
Catriona Sandilands is a writer and Professor.
Yara Shoufani is Lebanese-Palestinian activist and the Executive Director of Canadian Friends of Sabeel.
Siegebreakers will be on sale courtesy of the York University bookstore.


Nov 19 2019


12:30 pm - 2:15 pm


Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies (HNES) 142 @ York University
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