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Tax Filing for International Students

As an international student in Canada, you can file your taxes or take advantage of certain tax credits. In collaboration with York International, North York Community House (NYCH) will offer remote tax filing for international students.

Individual Tax Filing Appointments for International Students
Dates & Times:

March 23, 24, 25 and 26 2021 from 10:00am-4:00pm (40 minute slots for regular filing and some 1 hour time slot options on the 26th for students who are filing with their spouses/common law OR for students who are filing for multiple years).
March 29 from 1:00-4:00pm (1 hour time slot options for students who are filing with their spouses/common law OR for students who are filing for multiple years).

**Note that other students may book during the 1 hour time slots however priority will be given to those who have spouses/common law OR who are filing for multiple years.
Online via one of the following options – email, phone, WhatsApp or ZOOM if a video call is needed (The tax clinic staff from NYCH will contact you through the email or phone number that you provided to confirm. We will send the names and phone numbers of the NYCH staff to those who register).
How to Register:
You will be required to register in two steps (appointments will be booked on a first come first served basis):
STEP 1: Complete the preliminary form here to provide basic data about yourself.
STEP 2: Once you complete step 1, please log into the link here to select the exact date and time slot for your appointment.
**By registering, you are providing consent to York International to share your contact details (email and phone number) on file with the NYCH tax clinic staff.
**There are limited seats available, if you miss your appointment, we will not be able to accommodate a reschedule. If you’re not able to book an individual appointment, please click here to find a free tax clinic in your area (Canada only).

What to bring to the tax filing appointment:

Two pieces of Government issued ID such as passport, driving license…etc.
SIN number and study permit.
Tax information slips: T4 if you worked in 2020, T2202A for tuition fees paid receipt, T4A for bursaries or scholarship received or CERB, CESB amount…etc. Visit the Student Financial Services page herefor information on how to obtain some of these tax information slips.
The exact date of arrival for newcomers If arrived in Canada in 2020, also income earned in home country in 2020 before arriving in Canada. This should be converted to Canadian dollars.
Letter from landlord stating total rent paid for 2020 (not required if using university residence).
Direct deposit information if filing for the first time(3 digit financial institution number, 5 digit branch transit number and individual’s account number).
Most recent CRA notice of assessment, available if filed last year.

**The appointment will only proceed if you have all the necessary documents as outlined above.

Table 1: The following people are eligible for this service

Those who have tax slips such as T4, T4A, T5…etc. with income limits as shown in table 2

Students with Tuition fees paid receipt or Bursaries/Scholarships receipt

Those who are on social assistance


Table 2: Family income limits to avail of this free service

One person: $35,000

Two persons: $45,000[1]

Three persons: $ 47,500[2]

Four persons: $50,000[3]

Five persons: $52,500


Those who are self-employed or have employment expenses e.g. Uber Eats. Note that if you have a part-time job AND are self-employed, you are also not eligible for this service

Those who have business or rental income and expenses

Those who have filed for bankruptcy

Those who are completing a tax return for a deceased person

[1] A couple
[2] Couple and one child
[3] Couple and two children


Mar 23 2021


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


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