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STS Graduate Conference 2022 – Undoing the Crisis

The STS Graduate Association will hold an in-person and online hybrid conference entitled “Undoing the Crisis.”

Our conference is a call for cautious optimism; a moment to bring together scholars from various disciplines to explore the promises of science and technology in order to halt and/or reverse the numerous on-going planetary crises we face. We are open to solutions, particularly those that arise from non-dominant perspectives and/or which reimagine existing frameworks instead of merely applying technical solutions to existing conditions.

In the spirit of Thomas Kuhn, we are looking for papers that call out technoscientific paradigms facing crises in order to suggest, entertain, or reveal what may come next. Further, what sorts of epistemological, political, and practical shifts are necessary in order to ‘undo’ problematic technoscience?  How can this ‘undoing’ be guided by the creation or revision of socio-technical imaginaries? And finally, what is the role of the public, by way of citizen science and/or social movement theory, in the act of undoing? We hope that answers to these questions will toe the line between reform and revolution.

Please consider submitting your thoughtful approaches to one of the following issues: climate change, overburdened/decaying infrastructures, misinformation, political unrest, artificial intelligence, speculative  action, emergent health issues, global inequities, settler colonialism, etc.

Deadline for Abstract Submissions: February 28, 2022

Deadline for Paper Submissions: May 30, 2022

Link for Submissions:

Abstracts should have between 200 and 300 words along with 3 to 5 keywords and a title. Papers should be presentable in 20 minutes (typically 2000 -2750 words).

Please submit your abstract, prepared anonymously for anonymous review, through the link above.

This year’s edition is also accepting abstract proposals for film, documentary or other types of audiovisual media. Those interested in submitting a audiovisual screening proposal should indicate so in the form. Abstract should also have between 200 and 300 words along with 3 to 5 keywords and a title.



Jun 03 2022


All Day


Online Event

Location 2

York University Keele Campus
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