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Strategies for Getting Hired: The Future of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

In the context of today’s Strategies for Getting Hired panel, we will be defining the importance of workplace diversity and inclusion as understanding, accepting, and valuing differences and similarities between people of diverse races, ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual orientation, and persons with disabilities. Often, when people think of diversity, we consider race and/or gender. However, diversity is a much broader concept. Diversity is the idea that a workplace should be inclusive, and reflective of the greater society at large. Together, we will discuss two main categories of diversity: Inherent diversity, such as race, gender, and age, and acquired diversity, such as educational background, values, and abilities.

Panelists: Maddie Whibbs, Talent Acquisition Manager, BlackBerry; Starrlee DeGrace, Campus Talent Acquisition Partner, IBM Canada; Jadelyn Psutka, Manager of Indigenous Enablement & Recruitment, KPMG; Deepti Tivel, Director of Talent Acquisition, Rogers Communication