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Self-Care Series: Mindful Movement For Those Who Can’t Meditate

Mindfulness isn’t only about sitting still and focusing on your breath. Mindfully walking or running, doing yoga, or many type of movements can help you be more aware of your body. Mindful movement can support stress reduction.
This workshop focuses on how to manage our own unique stress responses by exploring movements that can help regulate experiences of over stimulation (hyper-arousal) to feelings associated with burn-out and low-energy (hypo-arousal).
This physically active workshop explores mindful movement such as wavy and fluid motions for self-soothing and calming. In contrast participants will also explore more energizing movement vocabulary through shimmying and shaking as well as core engagement to support burn-out. Although this workshop is loosely dance based, no dance experience is required.
This is a professionally led health education workshop.
Registration link opens in October


Nov 25 2020


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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