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ScottHessels’ Artist Talk in Conversationwith Regina Lee

ScottHessels’ Artist Talk in Conversationwith Regina Lee
Too Big To See:VisualizingAerial Traffic
Thursday,October 24, 2019 | 5:00PM-7:00PM
The Sensorium Research Loft (Room M333, 4th Floor CFA)
POP UP Exhibition: Sensorium Flex Space (GCFA Room 326)
Wheelchair accessible | Full access

Artist Scott Hessels will discuss the urgency and difficultyrepresenting the entire technosystem of hardware in our skies, showing videos and models from 15 years of research as ‘Celestial Mechanics’.Regina Lee will present images and research in developing nano satellites and addressing the issues of debris in space.
Scott Hessels is an American filmmaker, sculptor and media artist based in Hong Kong whose artworks explore new relationships between the moving image and the environment. He has mixed cinema with emerging technologies includingsensors, robotics, GPS, and adaptive materials, often partnering with keyscience organizations. His films andnew media installations have shown internationally in museum exhibitions focusing on both technology and fine art.His recognitions include patents, references in books on new media art, and coverage in cultural media likeWiredandDiscover.He is alsoexecutive producer of the Extreme Environments Programme which organizes art/science expeditions to environmentally significant sites.
Professor Regina Lee is Lassonde’s Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of space engineering at the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering, Lassonde school of engineering. In her research she develops microsystems technologies for space applications . Her current research focuses on developing nanosatellite attitude sensors and payloads.


Oct 24 2019


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Sensorium Research Loft
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