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Register for the 4th International Conference on Dynamics of Differential Equations in Memory of Jack K. Hale

The Fields Institute in Toronto is hosting this year’s 4th International Conference on Dynamics of Differential Equations in Memory of Jack K. Hale, taking place from Aug. 14 to 17. This prestigious international event is being organized by Dr. Huaiping Zhu, a professor of mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at York University. Dr. Zhu is a York Research Chair (YRC Tier I) in Applied Mathematics and serves as the Chair of the Organizing Committee for the conference.

The conference series was established through collaborative efforts among research groups specializing in the dynamics of differential equations from regions across the Americas, Asia and Europe. The scientific focus lies in advancing and applying dynamical systems generated by differential equations and their discrete analogs. Successful meetings in the series have been held in Atlanta (2013), Luminy, France (2016), and Hiroshima, Japan (2018).

The meeting’s program includes two Hale memorial lectures, to be delivered by Professor John Mallet-Paret, 10 plenary lectures and around 50 invited lectures. Among the invited speakers are York University professors Jianhong Wu, Jane Marie Heffernan and Pei Yuan. The conference will feature two special workshops – one on the dynamics of infectious diseases and another on the dynamics of evolutionary equations. The latter workshop pays tribute to Professor Genevieve Raugel, a distinguished expert in the field and a co-founder of this conference series. In addition to maintaining the overarching theme of the series, the meeting will emphasize the development of emerging areas in dynamics, including stochastic dynamics and the integration of dynamics with applications in data science.

Conference details:

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Organizing Committee:

  • Chair: Dr. Huaiping Zhu is a professor of mathematics in York University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He holds the York Research Chair in Applied Mathematics and serves as the director of the Laboratory of Mathematical Parallel Systems at York University, the director of the Canadian Centre for Disease Modelling, and the director of the One Health Modelling Network for Emerging Infections.
  • Luca Dieci: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Hans-Otto Walther: Universitaet Giessen