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Refugee Awareness Week 2019

Refugee Awareness Week 2019, from January 28th to February 1st is a collaborative initiative of a coalition of York University student groups and supporting departments working on refugee issues and advocacy in order to promote awareness, solidarity and informed action in this field. Please join us at these important events!

Participating organizations in Refugee Advocacy Week 2019 include:

Amnesty International at York
Centre for Refugee Studies & its Syria Response and Refugee Initiative
Islamic Relief at York University
The Student Council of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (SCOLAPS)
UNICEF at York
WUSC York University Keele Campus Committee

Up to the minute updates on the week’s activities are available at

Refugee Awareness & Engagement Fair
10 AM – 4 PM Vari Hall
Come out to meet York U student and staff leaders working in this field and learn how you can get involved in their activities and campaigns! They will have information on the challenges faced by refugees in Canada and globally and ways you can become actively involved in learning more and getting engaged in them.

1. Rohingya Crisis Speaker’s Panel
6:00-9:00 PM 280N York Lanes:
Hosted by RefugeAid
This year, RefugeAid is collaborating with STAND Canada to co-host a speaker’s panel surrounding the Rohingya refugee crisis. As the plight of Rohingya refugees begins to receive less and less media coverage and less attention from political decision makers, we want to work to raise awareness about the consequences of statelessness for the over 700,000 refugees who have fled from genocide. Moreover, we would like to explore the implications and consequences of the broader global refugee crisis as well.
2. Yemen: The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis-
6-8:00 PM Senate Chamber (North Ross 940)
Hosted by Islamic Relief at York University
The horrific conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen has reached unspeakable limits. In the midst of intensified attacks, stark famine, and a cholera epidemic, civilians are paying a devastating price. 3 million people have been forced to flee their homes because of the increased violence; 5 million children are especially at risk of starvation, dangerously on the edge of mass deaths. With hospitals and schools damaged and water in very short supply, immediate action is needed. Join us for a discussion on how you can provide relief and save lives.
***Donations to Islamic Relief Canada for its work in Yemen will be accepted at this event.***

1. Subalterity in Education within the Context of Displacement: From Ideology to Practice
2:30- 4 PM 280N York Lanes
A Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS) seminar featuring Ranu Basu, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, York University.
2. WUSC Film Night
6:00-9:00 PM 280N York Lanes
Hosted by WUSC York – Keele
Join the WUSC Keele Campus committee for a fun night on Thursday January 31, 2019 from 6pm-9pm @ Room 280 N YL, to enjoy refreshments and watch amazing films documenting the individual refugee experience. Also, learn more about the efforts of organizations working in the York University community to sponsor and support refugees!

Refugees 101 and Advocacy Training
2:30-4:30 PM Senate Chamber (North Ross 940)
Event page:
Please RSVP to:
This session, organized by Amnesty International at York and the Centre for Refugees’ Syria Response and Refugee Initiative will help students learn about key public policy issues and obstacles to the promotion and protection of refugees’ human rights in Canada and opportunities to work for better public policies to address them.
The event will include both guest speakers and the opportunity to immediately gain hands-on advocacy experience.
This event features guest speakers Francisco Rico Martinez, Co-Director of the FCJ Refugee Centre, Toronto, Justin Mohammed, Human Rights Law and Policy Campaigner at Amnesty International Canada, based in Ottawa and John Carlaw, Project Lead, York University Syria Response and Refugee Initiative and Graduate Research Fellow of York’s Centre for Refugee Studies.
Following the guest speakers students will be given the opportunity to join several “hands-on” advocacy efforts.
Up to the minute updates on the week’s activities are available at


Jan 28 2019 - Feb 02 2019


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