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Reading Week at Las Nubes, Information Session

The ‘ecohealth approach’ or ‘ecosystem approach to health and well-being is an applied approach based on principles of systems thinking, transdisciplinarity, participation, gender and social equity, knowledge-to-action, and sustainability. In this course, participants will move from understanding environment and health relationships to applying these principles in the design of collaborative interventions that produce “co-benefits” – simultaneously improving human health/well-being and ecosystem health.

This is a useful course for students who are interested in ecosystem/environmental management, international development practice, conservation, global health, environment and health, applied systems thinking, food sovereignty and security, participatory methods, social innovation, environmental problem solving, and more.

This Ecohealth course will focus on the case study of “linking health, environment and community in the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor”, with multiple field visits in the region. However, the projects that course participants will develop can be associated with any environment and health situation in any location.

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Oct 17 2022


10:30 am - 11:30 am
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