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Punching above its weight? Iceland, energy transitions and climate change

Iceland has already gone through three energy transitions, with the fourth one pending. This fourth transition would enable the country to be largely independent of fossil fuels and go a long way towards achieving net-zero targets. On the international stage, Iceland has for a while been a showcase for a successful transition to renewable energy – a transition that most nations currently aim for to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

This talk will examine past energy transitions in Iceland, draw lessons for the fourth transition and explore future challenges, all in the context of the need to reach net zero globally.

Presented by Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, professor of environment and natural resources at the University of Iceland and the academic director of the Environment and Natural Resources graduate program.  Davíðsdóttir is the vice-chair of the Icelandic Climate Council and sits on the boards of Carbfix and the Arctic Circle Foundation.


Feb 14 2024


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies Building with a zoom option available
HNE 138

Location 2

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