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-POSTPONED- Shu Lea Cheang Screenings and Talks (various dates and times)

This event has been POSTPONED due to the university’s recommendation of the cancellation of non-essential gatherings.
It will be rescheduled a later date (likely Fall 2020).
Thank you for your understanding.
Three Upcoming Events | Shu Lea Cheang Screenings and Talks (24-26 March 2020)
Photo by Miquel Taverna / CCCB / The Influencers
(1) Screening of Wonders Wanders/ Tuesday, 24 March 2020 | 12:45pm | Nat Taylor Theatre, Room 102, North Ross Building | Keele Campus | York University –Postponed until Fall 2020–

On Tuesday, 24 March 2020, Sh Lea Cheang will screen Wonders Wander, a series of short films originally commissioned by Madrid Pride, as part of York’s weekly Nat Taylor Tuesday series. Wonders Wander’s fantastical filmic episodes recount tales of present-day people’s resistance with relentless defiance, seductive sensuality and vigorous passion.
See more information on Wonders Wander here. **The event will include a lively Q+A session with the artist.**
For more information:
(2) Shu Lea Cheang | Artist’s Talk / Wednesday, 25 March 2020 | 1pm | Room 280A, Second Floor, York Lanes | Keele Campus | York University –Postponed until Fall 2020–
Shu Lea Cheang will give a talk focused on 3x3x6 , her net-art piece showcased at the Taiwan Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale Screen. The piece was a new, site-specific installation in Venice, at the famed Pallazo della Prigioni:
Cheang has always approached her art with a rigorous attitude. After researching into the historical context of the Palazzo delle Prigioni, the site of the Taiwan Exhibition, she proposed to make a completely new work, to transform this sixteenth-century prison into more than just an exhibition platform. Indeed, the project is tailor-made for the space, and the issues it explores are born of it: from bodily imprisonment, hegemonic domination, gender conventions and the contemporary surveillance society. Cheang has created a ‘panopticon’ surveillance space, employing a unique ‘trans punk’ narrative and a specific method of audience intervention, she invites the viewer to imagine a new vocabulary and means of liberation. — Ping Lin, Biennale Director, in the 3x3x6 Exhibition Catalogue
For more on 3x3x6, please see here.
For more information:
(3) Canadian Premiere of Flui0 (in partnership with Pleasure Dome) / Thursday, 26 March 2020 | 8pm | Jackman Hall | 317 Dundas St W, Toronto –Postponed until Fall 2020–
Set in the post-AIDS future of 2060, where the Government is the first to declare the era AIDS FREE, mutated AIDS viruses give birth to ZERO GEN – humans that have genetically evolved in a very unique way. These gender fluid ZERO GENs are the bio-drug carriers whose white fluid is the hypernarcotic for the 21st century, taking over the markets of the 20th century white powder high. The ejaculate of these beings is intoxicating and the new form of sexual commodity in the future. The new drug, code named DELTA, diffuses through skin contact and creates an addictive high. A new war on drugs begins and the ZERO GEN are declared illegal. The Government dispatches drug-resistant replicants for round-up arrest missions. When one of these government android’s immunity breaks down and its pleasure centers are activated, the story becomes a tangled multi-thread plot and the ZERO GENs are caught among underground drug lords, glitched super agents, a scheming corporation and a corrupt government. Check yourself in as a fluid junkie for a super hyper viral ride
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This series of events is generously sponsored by York University’s Cinema and Media Studies Department; York Centre for Asian Research; Taipei Economic & Cultural Office; York Centre for Feminist Research; and the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.


Mar 24 - 27 2020


12:00 am - 12:00 am
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