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Partying Safer

If you plan on getting costumed up for a night out on the town, our Health Ed peers are here to share with you a few safety planning tips for parties where drugs and alcohol may be present. This workshop provides harm reduction strategies for students to party safer under the topics of physical safety, emotional safety, substance use, and consent. Join our peer health educator team as we explore the following topics:

  • Gain awareness of common party drugs and harm reduction tips on substance use.
  • Understand the power of their consent in party settings.
  • Provide practical, checklist-like tips to consider prior to partying, and how to recover after partying.

To reserve your spot, please complete ourĀ registration form.

Before attending the presentation:

  • Log into your Zoom account (with your Passport York credentials) prior to clicking the meeting link.


Nov 29 2022


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
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