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OMNI Distinguished Lecture Series on Modelling of Infectious Diseases

Speaker: Dr. Karine Chalvet-Monfray, veterinarian and full professor of Statistics and Epidemiology at VetAgro Sup (Lyon, France)

Date and time: Tuesday, March 15  from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST

Title: Reflections on Modelling for Infectious Diseases in the Framework of a One Health Approach

Abstract: Modelling is a simplification approach that aims to help understand, predict and help make decisions. The health crisis of the last two years has brought to light modelling in epidemiology, which has been around for a long time. Modelling in epidemiology can take very different formats depending on the objectives, data and knowledge available. The interests and disadvantages are not the same depending on the methods used, but there are still common points and points of vigilance. The modelling of infectious diseases within the framework of a “one health” approach requires taking into account the specificities of animal and environmental populations. These specificities vary according to the scales considered and the objectives envisaged. The presentation will be based on various examples and new approaches will be discussed.

Language of talk: French with English translation

Moderator: Dr. Hélène Carabin, full professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and School of Public Health, Université of Montréal and co-director of OMNI-RÉUNIS

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Organizers: Dr. Huaiping Zhu (York University), Dr. Hélène Carabin (Université de Montréal), Dr. Mark Lewis (University of Alberta), Dr. Arne Ruckert (University of Ottawa), and Natasha Ketter (York University)



Mar 15 2022


11:45 am - 1:00 pm


Online (URL will be provided upon registration)


Huaiping Zhu
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