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Nutrition Basics: Debunking Fad Diets & Popular Food Trends

Are Instagram influencers confusing you about your food choices? Are carbs evil? Does gluten-free mean healthier? Promoted diet trends often promise quick results such as significant weight loss or other inflated body ideals. Unfortunately, the overwhelming amount of misinformation can hinder access to education around nutritional basics and make it feel difficult to achieve healthy living.
Our Health Ed Peers break down these popular diets and their dangers to our mental and physical health. They reintroduce the basic building blocks of nutrition and make it easier to understand food labels and how to make empowering choices when it comes to healthier eating, even on a limited budget.
Registration opens end of September.
Please note:
This workshop is not about achieving or targeting weight loss or perpetuating diet culture. Our mandate is about inclusive and anti-oppressive forms of accessing health. This workshop aims to reintroduce the fundamentals of nutrition that is most accessible to all bodies and lifestyles and dietary restrictions.
If you concerned about weight-loss and require professional resources or need information on eating disorders please see our resource page here:
If you wish to access free and professional counselling at York, please contact:


Oct 23 2020


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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