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Neither Here Nor There

Neither Here nor There addresses the intangible, transitional spaces both within and around us. It invites the viewer to explore the mysterious terrain of history, memories, and loss, and to seek the obscure connections, emotions and energy concealed in the spaces we occupy.

Ashlei Stewart’s work in acrylic painting is inspired by mythology, history, and fantasy. Her paintings have a surreal quality with a focus on energetic and organic line work.

Dianne Twombly’s surreal digital compositions are inspired by liminal spaces and the relationships of people to lost places. They evoke a dreamlike experience in the viewer that invites them to look more closely at both the seen and unseen elements of the mundane human spaces that surround us.

Genevieve Singer’s oil and acrylic paintings are inspired by family photo albums. Through these images, she explores the mysterious and uncanny nature of nostalgia, memory, and loss. She also questions the domestic spaces we call home.

Emily Huang’s art creation themes are “people” focused. Love, memory, and treasured moments are expressed through symbolic depiction with bold colour expressions that transcendentalize her artistic achievement. She wants to dedicate the works to her loved ones, her audience, and her future self.

Gales Gallery
March 28 – April 1, 2022
Gallery Hours: 9am-4pm (Mon-Fri)

Opening Reception: March 30 (1-3PM)


Mar 28 2022 - Apr 01 2022


9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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