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Navigating Physical Health Resources (Online Workshop)

The quality of your physical health and well-being impacts everything from managing your stress, making time for your loved ones, and still working towards your academic success. However, it can sometimes be challenging to know which resources are out there to help you upkeep your physical health as students.

Join the Peer Health Educator Team as they guide you through:

  1. Introducing what OHIP and UHIP are. 
  1. Highlighting what you can do when you are feeling sick. 
  1. Guide you through the student accessible primary care resources available. 
  1. And guide you through further on campus resources for maintaining your physical health! 

All our online workshops require York University authentication (passport York). Please login into your zoom account prior to clicking the meeting link.   

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Before attending the presentation, please fill out our anonymous Pre-Test Form (it takes less than 1 minute to complete): 

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