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Leading with LA&PS – Leading with Intersectionalities

Regardless of our choosing, we bring our social identities into the spaces that we engage with at school, at work and in our communities. Identifying and celebrating our social identities is important because it allows us to share a different perspective and it gives voices to communities that are not represented. On the other hand, acknowledging the privilege our social identities grant us will allow us to be mindful of how we occupy space and how we can use our privilege to amplify the voice of others. In this workshop, we will explore the idea of privilege in an EDI context and how that might effect the interactions we have with others. In addition, we will complete an exercise to reflect on your social identities and give yourselves permission to share our perspectives and empower you use your voice.


Mar 06 2024


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


303 Founders College


LA&PS Colleges Student Engagement
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