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KAHSSO’s Anti-Oppression Event: Women’s Day

Register here for KAHSSO’s Anti-Oppression Event: Women’s Day
In this event, our discussion will be on women in the workplace, including topics such as empowerment to women in the workplace, workplace bullying and sexual harassment. We will be discussing the history behind Women’s Day and practice healthy conversations based on workplace scenarios. They will be about learning how to respond to a situation if you or somebody you know found themselves in a position at your workplace where you notice discrimination or sexual harassment. We will also provide plenty of essential resources on how to 1) empower women in the workplace and 2) prepare if you or someone you know experiences workplace bullying or sexual harassment. Please note: the event will touch on content that may be uncomfortable or upsetting for some. During the event, if you need to discuss your discomfort with another person, there will be an opportunity for you to speak with someone.


Mar 12 2021


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
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