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ITEC Research Seminar presents ‘Understanding Users’ Action on Data Analytics Recommendation’

Title: Understanding Users’ Action on Data Analytics Recommendation
Speaker: Pouyan Eslami, assistant professor, Nazarian College of Business and Economics, California State University at Northridge
Current trends indicate that many organizations are making significant investments in data analytics (DA) to leverage big data. However, recent studies also indicate that a large percentage of these investments are unsuccessful and that a majority of users do not act upon a data analytics tool’s recommendations. This research draws upon the S-O-R framework and the theory of planned behaviour to develop and empirically validate a theoretical model of the factors that influence/hinder a user’s concordance with and actions taken with respect to a DA tool’s recommendations. The model reflects the nuances of DA tool use within organizations including: (i) technological characteristics; (ii) individual characteristics; (iii) situational characteristics; and (iv) task-related characteristics. In addition, this study investigates the factors that shape a user’s perception of the quality of a DA tool’s recommendations, while trying to understand how, and to what extent, this perception influences a user’s concordance with, and the actions taken in regards to, a DA tool’s recommendations. The results of this research confirm that personal concordance and recommendation actionability are positively associated with user action on a DA tool’s recommendations. Moreover, perceived risk of action was found to be negatively associated with user actions taken with respect to a DA tool’s recommendations. It was also found that DA tool recommendation quality is shaped from intrinsic data quality, contextual data quality, DA tool quality, DA tool recommendation understandability and analyst competency.
Pouyan Eslami is an assistant professor of information systems at the Nazarian College of Business and Economics, California State University at Northridge. He is also serving as the committee chair of the Master of Accounting Analytics Program at the Nazarian College. His research focuses on Blockhain, data analytics use in organizations, and social media analytics. His most recent activities have resulted in more than ten peer-reviewed articles in academic journals, and conference proceedings. Recently, he is awarded a research grant for a research study on Blockchain from Amazon research credit assigned to the California State University.


Mar 13 2020


10:30 am - 11:30 am


0005 DB (Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building) @ York University, Keele Campus
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