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Introduction to Substance Use & Harm Reduction (Online Workshop)

University is time for exploration, experimentation, and self-discovery; It’s also a time where the decisions and choices we make shape our future, including our health. Did you know that postsecondary age young adults have the highest rates of substance use compared to all other age groups?

Substance use and the reasons individuals choose to use various substances is different for everyone. And though there is no “safe” level of substance use, as use of any substance always carries some risk, there are steps that can be taken in attempt to reduce harms starting with education. In this workshop, we will: Introduce the different types of substances, prevalence, their uses, and how they impact health; discuss the risks associated with mixing various substances; and provide basic harm reduction strategies and resources. 

Please note the purpose of this workshop is for general education guidelines only. We do not condone or promote any particular lifestyle choice. Please consult a healthcare professional for guidance and support. 

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Nov 15 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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Student Counselling, Health & Well-Being
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