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Into a Kaleidoscope: Integrative Arts Showcase 2024

Featuring work by Integrative Arts students and others from the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design.

Live performance, dance, visual art, installation, digital media, sound and video art, participatory art and more!

Asian-inspired food grazing table by @2kulitkusina

Into a Kaleidoscope: Integrative Arts Showcase 2024
Saturday, April 6th
5:00 – 9:00 pm
918 Bathurst Street
Free Admission (Open to the public)

*We regret that due to the age of the historic 918 Bathurst building, the event is not accessible as there are several stairs at the entrance and to access the washrooms in the basement. We apologize for this accessibility barrier. Questions or accommodation requests can be sent to Emilia White at

Das Canvas
Choreographer, Jaelyn Jones with performers, Ella Booth-Doris, Clara Chemtov, Christiano DiDomenico, Danika Geen, Isabelle Lee & Stephanie Voinou
Dawn Dreams
Alex Wiredu
Ivan Ceria & Jaidah-Leigh Wyatt
Kim Cheung
Maggie Tsang
Brady Forrest
Michelle Angana
Joanna Zhang
Danielle Alexander
Montalisa Singh
Malak Elsharkawy
Marissa Watson
Amelia Winterbottom
Xinyi Qiu
Paola González Zapata
Tristan Castro
Brandon Persaud
Isabella Ranisavljevic-Gonzalez
Amelia Phillips
Sophia Koudriavtseva
Claudia Garofalo
Kenji Mac
Ksenia Shkarina
Candie Chen
Psalm Domingo
Meyrem Avci
Shadi Mohammadiharouni
Kenneth Hu
Michelle, Pan, Andrew Santram & Callia Liddle
Jabril Mohamud
Adoluwa Alayaki
Addison Wu
Dejonay Williams


Apr 06 2024


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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