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Art Exhibition: Inside Out Feb 7-11, 2022

Inside Out

COVID-19 affected the world and with no surprise artists continued to work during the pandemic. Here is what came out of eighteen months of isolation, in home studios, scavenging supplies and doing what artists do: reacting to the times.

This exhibition welcomes viewers to experience how these five artists experienced “the inside” during the pandemic. Artwork on display: assemblage, drawing, painting, sound, and video.

Exhibition: Feb.7-11, 2022
Gales Gallery Hours: M-F (9am-4pm)
Opening Reception: Feb.9, 2022 (1pm-3pm)

Everyone welcome! Please note that COVID screening confirmations are required in order to enter the gallery.

Those unable to attend in person can view the exhibition online.

Inside Out Art Exhibition


Feb 07 - 11 2022


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Gales Gallery
York University, Keele Campus
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