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Imagined Cities

Imagined Cities

Exhibition: Feb.14-25, 2022
Gales Gallery
Hours: M-F (9am-4pm)
Opening Reception: Feb.16, 2022 (1pm-3pm)

Description of Series
Artist Statement:
Sasha Sutherland is an artist living in Vaughan, Ontario. Having completed her BFA, she is in her final year of the Bachelor of Education program at York University. In 2021 she received the Willowdale Award for the quality of her painting. With the prize, she was also offered a solo exhibition at Gales Gallery during the following year.

In this body of work, she painted cities from various perspectives. Specifically, Sasha has explored painting cities such as Paris, Tokyo, and San Francisco. She has purposely chosen well-known cities and located them high within the clouds to suggest what these cities could look like after years of continuous development.

She chose to work with vibrant colours in order to lend an utopian dimension to the cities. Sasha mainly paints with acrylic paint, to which she incorporates spray paint, acrylic markers, and permanent markers in order to create the futuristic aspect of her paintings.

Instagram: artworkbysash


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Feb 14 - 25 2022


9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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