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Human; Nature, the Willowdale Award for Painting Exhibition by Serena Kobayashi-LeBel

“The Grass is Greener” 24″x24″ Oil paint and Acrylic Gouache on panel 2018-19
Human; Nature is an exhibition of oil paintings by fifth year Visual Art Studio student Serena Kobayashi-LeBel.
The body of work focuses on exploring the popular debate of nature vs. nurture. By painting hybrids of people with flora or fauna, the artist questions what instincts are ingrained in us on a biological level. What characteristics do we possess because at the core of our existence we are animals, and what is social conditioning? Using natural imagery of plants and animals, Kobayashi-LeBel uses their living patterns as well as cultural associations to illustrate certain ideas. Creating beautiful, but jarring images she encourages her audience to question their own actions and beliefs. How much of your personality is ‘just who you are’, or is it possible to change potentially negative behavioral patterns? Think about it; is who you are who you want to be?



Jan 06 - 17 2020


12:00 am - 12:00 am


Gales Gallery, Accolade West Building, York University @ 89 York Blvd., Toronto
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