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five students gather around a computer screen

Grammar On! Workshop 6: What’s This?

We often think of grammar as a series of scary rules about “what-not-to-do”, but, in reality, grammar is a tool that you can use to write more effective sentences and increase your range of syntactical choices. Come join Dunja this Thursday at 10:30am in the Writing Centre’s Grammar On! series of workshops. The workshop is open to all students who want to learn to construct effective and beautiful sentences that say what you want them to say. Grammar On! Workshop 6: What’s This? Name that this! Which this? That this. Wait, whuuut? That this there. Name that this. But to which this are you referring? That one: name that this. This is going nowhere. Exactly. This is vague reference. Let’s learn how to avoid this, lol, in this week’s Grammar On! No RSVPs. Just show up!
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