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Get Ready, Get Fit!

Come join York International in collaboration with York University Athletics and Recreation for a fun wellness event to make friends while learning to stay active and healthy. We will provide International Students with ways to get you ready for exam season and to stay fit during the pandemic! There will be many different activities in breakout rooms including getting your groove on with a K-POP Dance party, fun kickboxing, yoga and stretching, as well as an informative nutrition session. Or you can simply chat and chill with the nutrition coach. You will walk away with strategies and techniques to get through your exams, papers and improve your knowledge in staying healthy. More about each session below!
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How do I join?
KPOP Dance Party
Yoga and Stretch
Chat and Chill

All the details!
This event will be taking place on Friday, March 26th from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. RSVP here.
Once you’ve RSVP’d, you will receive a unique link and password to join our event. Can’t wait to see you there!

Dance With Us!
In this session, learn some awesome dance moves and groove along to your favourite K-POP songs.
This cardio dance fitness party is upbeat and will get you.Here are the dance sessions we will be doing:

Video: Dancer dancing along to Dynamite by BTS

Relaxing Yoga and Stretching
In this activity, we will gothrough some common yoga poses and learn why they can be so effective.
We will also perform some valuable stretches for some of thosehard-to-reachareas!Lastly, we will try a unique technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation and learn how awareness of tension can help alleviate stress in so many ways!

Video: Yoga Instructor performing various poses

Fun kickboxing
In this session, learn how to incorporate kickboxing skills into your everyday fitness routine.Move the furniture, have some water, and be ready to sweat, learn, and be challenged.

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Chat abouteverydaylife
In thisnon-activesession, come readyto chat abouteverydaylife as a student.We will talkabout favourite study snacksandtips that work best for each person toeat healthily during exams, things you’ve been up too and more!

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Mar 26 2021


9:00 am - 10:30 am


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