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FilipiNEXT is a transdisciplinary workshop that engages in creative and generative discussions around Filipinx Studies emerging from the Canadian context. Bringing together scholars, artists, activists and community members from all over Canada, the workshop explores the following questions: What tensions, aspirations, and lines of inquiry can emerge when we think critically about the history and future of Filipinx people in Canada? How will the past and present inform what is NEXT for Filipinx Studies in Canada?

The organizing committee is formed by Filipinx scholars from multiple institutions: Dr. Casey Mecija (York), Dr. Marissa Largo (York) and Dr. John Paul Catungal (UBC) are the workshop chairs. Committee members include: Dr. Valerie Damasco (UofT), Dr. Conely De Leon (TMU), Dr. Lisa Davidson (York), Dr. May Farrales (SFU) and Dr. Ethel Tungohan (York).

The workshop and accompanying events take place from July 13-15, 2022, at York University.


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Jul 13 - 15 2022


8:30 am - 4:00 pm
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