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Expanded spaces: Doors open to Globalization

ANTARES Publishing House is pleased to invite you to the first presentation of the Expanded Spaces project, created in honor of Dr. Arthur Lambert Jones. The exponents will give the initial presentation of their projects, which will be later published in book form in April, 2020.
Expanded Spaces derives its inspiration from world travels, dating from ancient times to the present. At the same time, it offers a cultural bridge which joins the communities of the world.
With the presence of:
Julio Erhart – Project Creator
Margarita Feliciano – Editor of ANTARES Publishing House
Dominique Scheffel-Dunand – Author of the Introduction to the Book
María Amelia Lonardi de Duardo – Personal Profile of Arthur L. Jones
Ketty Álvarez Cook, Guillermo Bañuelos, Rodrigo Briones, Carlos Arturo Castaño, Gloria Castaño, Mateo Castaño, Rosa Cervantes, Salvatore Ciriacono, Eugenia Dietrich, Jorge Etcheverry, Klever Flores Bernal, Silvana Goldemberg, Robert Jay Glickman, Lorenzo Guggenheim, Elizabeth Iturbe, Ruth J. E. Jones, Claudio Kuczer, Agnès Lemesre-Valy, Gloria Macher, Liisa L. North, Joan W. Pelletier, Erika Roostna, Rosaria Russo
Celeste Cáceres (Translator), Anne Edwards (Biographical Data), Luís César Luna (Translator), Sergio Rebolledo (Creator and Administrator of the


Nov 19 2019


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


SKY ROOM A300 York Hall- GLENDON CAMPUS of YORK UNIVERSITY @ 2275 Bayview Ave, North York, ON M4N 3M6, Canada
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