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EUC’s High School Lecture Series: Getting to Know the Geographies of Africa: Confronting Popular Stereotypes

The Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change is dedicated to enhancing environmental education at all levels and offers many high school outreach activities. We provide reach ahead resources and hands-on skill building to support and foster environmental, sustainability, and social justice education for the next generation. With our increasingly interconnected world and booming population, the need for active citizenship and environmental stewardship has never been greater.

Whether you’re teaching Regional Geography, Canadian and World Issues, Environmental Science, Resource Management, Equity and Social Justice, World Geography or covering relatable subjects in your curriculum, our virtual lectures by our professors will add something new.

JOIN US ON FEBRUARY 24, 2022 for Getting to Know the Geographies of Africa: Confronting Popular Stereotypes with Dr. Joseph Mesah

As the world gets smaller and multicultural, due primarily to globalization and international migration, it is important for us to know more about other people and their culture. Presently, it is common to find people of many different ethnic and racial backgrounds in our midst—e.g., as neighbours, classmates, and friends. The goal of this lecture is to help students learn more about Africa and its people, in an effort to dismantle some of the negative stereotypes that many Westerners have about Africa(ns). With this lecture, students will come to know that many of the stereotypes that people have about Africa, through the popular media (e.g. TV shows and movies) are often over-simplifications, if not erroneous; and that they are often used to make us, Westerners, feel superior to Africans and other people. Students will come to realize that even though many of these stereotypes (e.g. that African are extremely poor, uneducated, and lazy) have no basis in reality, their consequences on Africans in particular and society in general are, indeed, real.

Click here to register for the lecture. Ensure you select the appropriate date for your lecture of choice. A zoom link will be emailed to you in advance of the lecture.

Please note: This event is for high school audiences only.


Feb 24 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm


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Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change


Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change
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