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Entrepreneurial Alumni Speaker Series @ Home: The Power of Purpose

In this three-part series, our speakers will dive deep into their experiences as an entrepreneur, exploring their success, failure and lessons.
About this Series:
LaunchYU has partnered with York University’s Division of Advancement to bring you an at home edition of this series which features top York University alumni entrepreneurs. Each part of the series will aim to capture the real stories, challenges, successes and failures that they have encountered in their journeys.
These talks are meant to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EDUCATE the audience on the realities of launching a startup in today’s world.
About this Talk:
Sometimes your biggest weakness can be a superpower. Growing up with anaphylaxis has put a unique spin on the perspective that Jennifer Huggins has moved forward in relationships, business and life. Since birth, she has battled with severe asthma, food allergies and sports injuries that have been misdiagnosed by professionals, misunderstood by her peers and landed her in ICU countless times.
Spend a moment with Jennifer, to shift your perspective on the reality that you’re presented with and the outcomes you have control over.
Jennifer Huggins,Founder and CEO, Fight to End Cancer; Owner, Kingsway Boxing Club
Jennifer Huggins owns and operatesKingsway Boxing Clubin Toronto, Canada. As a 3-Star International Boxing Referee and Judge withAIBA International Boxing Association, she understands the sport from the inside out. In addition to being a Canadian National Coach at her gym, Jennifer is the Founder and Executive Director of theFight To End Cancer. She is heavily involved in the community, however still manages to find the time to travel the world performing with a World Class Magician.
Jennifer’s business and personal motto is that “Variety is the Spice of Life!” She may box in the ring, but she most definitely does not live inside of the box… unless of course she’s getting cut in half!
Entrepreneurs Panel:
Apply now to engage with our speaker live during the event and get your question answered! Panelists must be willing to have their camera turned on while asking their question and applyhere by July 27 at 5pm.

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Aug 06 2020


12:00 pm - 12:30 pm


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