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Engaging the Margins: Critical Disability Studies, Mad Studies, and Bioethics

Presented by Kathleen Lowenstein, a doctoral student at Michigan State University 

Some in recent years, critical disability studies has highlighted the need for the inclusion of the voices of individuals with disabilities within bioethics. While much has been written about disability in bioethics, relatively little has been written by those who identify as disabled: a disjunction in a literature that frequently engages with questions of disability in considerations of issues such as capacity and medical aid in dying, but which frequently neglects to actively engage with the perspectives of disabled individuals.  In a similar vein, the emerging discipline of Mad Studies seeks to center the historically under-represented voices of those identifying as Mad and/or those who have lived experience of mental illness.

Registration is required.


Nov 10 2021


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Zoom Webinar
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