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Employer Tabling Session: TimePlan Education/Empowering Learning

TimePlan Education is a teacher recruitment company that helps teachers secure supply, long term or permanent teaching positions in Scotland, England and Wales. Having been established in 1989, TimePlan Education is the most experienced teacher recruitment company in the UK. Now, part of an Educational Services Group, employees of TimePlan have the benefits of being secured a role with TimePlan, or their sister company Empowering Learning, while also benefiting from the free teacher training provided through Team-Teach.
TimePlan and Empowering Learning both have a £2000 relocation package that includes two free European holidays.
Are there programs or disciplines that are of a particluar interest to you? Education
Approx. # of positions that you are looking to fill: 50
How should students prepare to meet with your representative?
Come with a passion to work over seas.
Registration is NOT required.


Oct 22 2019


10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Winters College Foyer Entrance
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