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Dorin Uritescu and the Romanian Linguistic Atlas – Crișana

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Dorin Uritescu and the Romanian Linguistic Atlas – Crișana

Ramona Uritescu-Lombard – “Portrait of a Linguist as a young man”

After undergraduate studies in modern languages at the University of Toronto, Ramona Uritescu-Lombard pursued graduate studies in Comparative literature at the University of Western Ontario and at Harvard University. She currently teachesat the University of Michigan,in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures and in the Department of Romance Languages. Her academic interests include 20th and 21st centuries German and French Literature and Film (Kafka, Herta Müller, Camus, Annie Ernaux, the Berlin School, the French New Wave). She is the co-author of Imaginäre Topografien: Migration und Verortung (2007) She has her father to thank for her appreciation of the twists of language and the well-turned phrase.

Sheila Embleton and Eric Wheeler – “RODA — the Dialect Atlas Goes Online”

Sheila Embleton’s areas of interest are historical linguistics and language change, sociolinguistics, dialectology, onomastics, Finnish literature, and women and language, and she has published in all these areas. She is the author ofStatistics in Historical Linguistics(1986), editor of theFourteenth LACUS Forum(1988) andTwenty-Fourth LACUS Forum(1998), co-editor ofIndo-European and the Indo-Europeans(1992, 1993), and co-editor of the two-volumeThe Emergence of the Modern Language Sciences: Studies on the Transition from Historical-Comparative to Structural Linguistics(1999).
Eric Wheeler has a PhD in Mathematical Linguistics from the University of Toronto (1980). After a career in industry at the IBM software lab, he took a full-time, contract-limited position with York’s Information Technology programme. The formal collaboration between Embleton and Wheeler began in about 1996, with Dorin Uritescu joining in 2001 (and others since then) and has continued ever since.
Wheeler is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at York, but is otherwise “retired”. He has an ongoing interest in computational models of language, in various aspects of Mathematics and old-time fiddle music.

Lăcrămioara Oprea – “RODA 2 : vision and legacy of Professor D. Uritescu”

Lăcrămioara Oprea graduated from the Faculty of Philology at the University of Timișoara. After working as an instructor for a few years, she started her PhD studies in General Linguistics and Psycholinguistics at the University of Bucharest, with a thesis in Early Child Bilingual Development.
Soon after she arrived in Canada, in 2000, she started collaborating with professor Dorin Uritescu on several projects, mainly on the Romanian Dialect Atlas – Crișana, and on the online version.
She has also been contributing regularly to the Romanian cultural magazineObservatorulin Toronto.

Veronica Vaslin and Gabriela Adam – “The New Romanian Linguistic Atlas – Crișana. Achievements and perspectives in developing the atlas experience / Le Nouvel Atlas linguistique roumain – Crișana : réalisations et perspectives pour le développement de l’expérience de l’atlas”

Veronic Vaslin specializes in Dialectology and Geo-linguistics, and in History of Romanian Language. Since 2003, she has been a researcher at the Romanian Academy, “Sextil Pușcariu” Institute of Linguistics and Literary History from Cluj-Napoca, working as a team member in projects regarding Romanian regional atlases, and as a team manager in projects on editing and digitizing dialectal texts manuscripts.
She is a member of the Scientific Council of “Sextil Pușcariu” Institute of Linguistics and Literary History, and has organized five international symposia on dialectology; She is also a member of the organizing committee of The International Conference “Zilele Sextil Pușcariu”, and the associate chief-editor of “Dacoromania”, new series (ISSN 1582‑4438)
Her main scholarly works include the Noul atlas lingvistic român. Crișana / The New Romanian Linguistic Atlas. Crișana, vol. IV (2017), vol. III (2011).
Gabriela Violeta Adam est chercheure scientifique à L’Institut de Linguistique et d’Histoire littéraire « Sextil Puşcariu » de l’Académie Roumaine. Elle conduit ses activités de recherche au Département de Dialectologie et Onomastique dans le cadre de trois projets: Le Nouvel Atlas linguistique roumain. Crişana (NALR – Crişana); L’Atlas linguistique roumain I. Textes dialectaux; Le trésor toponymique de la Roumanie.
Ses principales publications incluent : Noul Atlas Lingvistic român. Crișana / Le Nouvel Atlas linguistique roumain. Crişana, vol. IV (2017), vol. III (2011). Elle est aussi coauteure de Predicativul suplimentar. Funcție sintactică eterogenă / Le prédicatif supplémentaire – fonction syntactique hétérogène (2014), volume qui a reçu le prix pour les débuts en linguistique.
Elle est aussi secrétaire de rédaction scientifique pour la revue de linguistique et de philologie Dacoromania nouvelle série.


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