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Disruptive Design and Digital Fabrication Symposium

TheDisruptive Design and Digital Fabricationexhibition explores the relationship between digital fabrication processes and social design that increasingly revolve around prototyping and iterative testing. Digital tools are today ubiquitous in academic and community settings, yet engaging with these goes beyond any particular technologically enhanced capacity. In what Katherine Hayles calls a ‘Regime of Computation’, works today increasingly involve a co-evolution of life and mind, individual and society. The ‘disruptive’ technologies that will be introduced reflect on the infrastructural machinic processes that are pervasive in digital culture today, and reveal biases and stereotypes in their design through alternative networking of edge sensing, assistive technologies, Google Homes, wikiLeaks, artscience visualizations and more.

Through the symposium, we hope to create an opportunity for artists and theorists to engage in a discussion of critical making, accountability and experiential learning through their works and research projects. The exhibitionprovides an experiential context to their works and for visitors to gain experience into their working processes.

Panel 1 – Between Disruption and Inclusion: an Internet of Difference
Jutta Treviranus , Garnet Hertz, Evan Light, Robert Twomey
Discussant: Lorena Salome
Panel 2 – Assistive and Sustainable Design

Deborah Fels, Shital Desai, Lauren Sergio and Joel Ong
Discussant: TBC


Feb 04 2020


10:00 am - 1:30 pm


Transmedia Lab, Accolade West Building Room 103, York University @ 89 York Blvd. Toronto
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